Forensic Document Recognition (FDR) for ITIN CAAs - STANDARD

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EACH student should purchase the course individually as a SINGLE LICENSE BUYER using their OWN name and email address (the same credit card CAN be used for different students). Do NOT use the Multiple License Buyer option.

As posted on the website, e-ID Training's FDR Course is one of only two programs REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY IRS for the Forensic Document Training Requirement.

The fully-narrated course is approximately 7 hours in length and can be stopped and resumed at your convenience.  A series of printable job aids covering essential concepts and document features is included so that you will always have the fraud tools you need.  The course does not issue Continuing Ed. Credits, but DOES FULFILL the ITIN Document Training requirement.


Course lessons include:

Introduction to Fraud

Security Features

Birth Certificates

Vehicle Documents

Driver Licenses and IDs

Travel Documents

Social Security Cards

Immigration Documents

Military IDs

Canadian Documents

Mexican Documents

Counterfeits and Alterations

People and Actions

Each lesson's 10-question test requires an 80% score to pass (multiple tries permitted).  


Completion Certificates: 

The IRS requires an original, raised-seal certificate that must be physically mailed to you. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be provided instructions to request your completion certificates. TWO original, raised-seal certificates will be produced and sent to you at no extra cost. Additional certificates and expedited services are available.

Promotional Discounts and Multi-license purchases:  

Individual/single course purchasers: Although our shopping cart contains a field for promotional discount codes, please be aware that we are NOT offering promotional discount codes at this time.

e-idtraining welcomes purchases of multiple licenses for a number of your employees in a single transactionFor purchases under 5 licenses, it is recommended that EACH student purchase the course individually using their OWN name and email address (the same credit card CAN be used for different students).

For purchases of 5 or more licenses:  

If you would like to purchase 5 or more licenses in one transaction in order to obtain a group discount, register with a multiple license purchase account.  BE AWARE that registering this way will make you the account administrator. You will then assume some administrative responsibilities and need to assign the purchased licenses to the intended students (including yourself).  You will be provided detailed instructions on assigning students. Please follow them carefully.  

Multi-license purchases are eligible for the following discounts: 

  •  5-9 students - 10% discount
  •  10-19 students - 15% discount
  •  20+ students - 20% discount


e-idtraining is a licensed distributor of the Fraud Detection and Remediation (FDR) eLearning courseware copyrighted by AAMVA.  The content is received directly from issuing agencies, and is used extensively by DMV and law enforcement staff across the US and Canada.  

Important billing information:

Please note our Learning Management System provider, TELANIA, LLC will appear in your credit card statement as the biller for purchases of this course.



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