About Us

Visit our general information website at: www.e-idtraining.com

We are accredited by the National Registry of CPE Sponsors #132215, and licensed by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Inc. E-idtraining is one of only two vendors reviewed and approved by the IRS ITIN CAA forensic document training program.

This training is used extensively by DMVs, Law Enforcement, Federal agencies, and corporations across the nation, and is invaluable to any organization that comes into contact with driver’s licenses, ID credentials or secure documents of any kind. 

e-ID Training's staff of experts bring a new perspective to training employees who handle identity documents.  Our unique backgrounds bring decades of experience from the training, security features, motor vehicle administration, law enforcement, customer service, and business development industries.  With a tenacious approach to understanding your business and the challenges faced by your staff, e-ID Training will help you minimize the risks and losses associated with processing transactions based on fraudulent documents.  


Our technical and business offices are located in New Berlin, WI and Fredericksburg, TX (respectively).  



The leader in IRS-approved and CPE-accredited fraud training.